My experience with Jon McCormick

To whom it may concern;

I have recently had the pleasure of working with Jon McCormick, agent for Windermere Richard B Smith in Boise Idaho. I had worked with several other realtors in the area in an attempt to purchase a vacation home with no success. Jon got the job done for us. His attention to detail, prompt service and willingness to listen to my needs were at a complete different level than the other agents I worked with. He made our needs his most important priority and was willing to do whatever was necessary to help us find the home we wanted and to negotiate a great price and a workable deal for both parties.
I would suggest you talk to Jon for any of your real estate needs. He will give you accurate information and professional service.
Peter Kuehn
Construction Management Consultants, Inc

Subject; Jon McCormick recommendation

Dear. Mr. Smith;
We are writing to tell you how much we apprecaite working recently with Jon McCormick of your staff, and to offer the stringest possible rrecommendation for him following the excellent serevice we received as his clients.
In March of this year we met with Jon and explained we were looking at the possibility of purchasing a home for our daughter who attends Boise State. We explained the difficulties this would entail, such as the fact we would be participating long distance, that we had little time and would need to close by mid-May, and that the property must meet our criteria well as those of the real clients, our 19 year old daughter and her two freshman roommates. The elements combined must have presented an unappealing prospect, and yet Jon reassured us that this was indeed a surmountable talk and he was confident we could find a property to meet our needs. Jon was right, and on May 12th we signed closing papers on a beautiful condo located on Cherry Lane in Boise. The three girls are now living in and enjoying their new home.
What we realize about this three month venture is thge ony reason our efforts came to fruition is because Jon McCormick was involved. Jon showed unending patience with us as he navigated around our personal and professional commitments to give what time we could do to the search. He listened carefully to everything we told him about our needs and followed up with appropriate recommendations that exactly expressed our preferences. We solicited from him and received extremely thoughtful advice, and he offered us comments on questions we did not even know to ask. Again, Jon's patience with us was enormous given the sheer number of questions and concerss we seemed to continually raise. He was extremely generous with his time and knowledge, and we as we are not so knowledgable about the real estate business this was very valuable to us.
Since we live in New York and were unable to participate in the search Jon acted as our proxy in this process. Het set forth and took photos of several properties , taking the time to write full explanations of what we were viewing and then sending them over by email. Jon's dedication to assisting us from afar even extended to attending the annual condo board meeting for the property we purchased on our behalf. We could not attend ourselves and yet this was the best way to get answers to our critical pre-purchase questions, so Jon sacrificed his evening and went in our stead. After we purchased the property Jon contiinued to act in our behalf by facilitating the transfer of utilities to our name given he knew we were not familiar with services in Idaho, and he even had keys made so the three roommates could have access to their new home. Again, we were not there to take care of these things, but Jon was and he did.
What resonates with us as the most critical aspect of our joint property buying venture would be the consideration Jon showed for our daughter. Without question Jon was thoroughly in synch with our concerns for her safety and with the reality of what type of property she could best handle at her age. We feel that Jon showed the same care in this search as he would have for his own daughter, whihc provides a level of reassurance to us as parents that we cannot begin to describe. He drove our daughter and her two friends to look at properties since none of them had a car and even took her to the bank for closing.
What we sensed about Jon when we first met him is that he is a man of great integrity. Our interactions over the course of our work together confirmed this. A trust exists between us that is the foundation for an outstanding working and now growing personal relationship. Jon did absolutely everything he said he would do and more. We are completely grateful for his efforts on our behalf, and this letter only begins to illustrate the many kindnesses he extended to us.

Cynthia Kendall and Mike Leslie

Working with Jon

We had another real estate company list our house two separate times in about a two year period, resulting in no offers and only two possible prospects. The previous realtor only held one open house to show our home and we had dropped the price with no results. In frustration we decided to take the house off the market.
Jon McCormick knocked on our door and said he saw our house was rremoved from the MLS listing. I explained our frustrations to Jon who told me he thought he could get the house sold relatively soon using techniques he develped over the many years of experience in the real estate business. I told Jon I would think about it and give him a call. Luckily for us I called Jon back.
From day one Jon provided outstanding real estate service. Jon acted in a very professional manner at all times and was in constant communication with us. Jon kept us informed of his actions at all times throughout the sale process and was always available to us night or day when we had questions.
Jon held two open houses in the first month period resulting in two offers on our home. We accepted an offer and closed within three months of listing the house with Jon.
We are extremelt satisfied with the service Jon provided, and would recommend his services to everyone. We were so impressed with Jon's efforts in selling our home we used Jon to purchase our new home.
Thank you, Jon, for your outstanding service, we are completely satisfied.
Wayne and Dana Marsh